Quality Gates

Quality Gates

A Quality Gate is a check on a code quality fact that must be enforced before releasing and eventually, before committing to source control. A Quality Gate can be seen as a PASS/FAIL criterion for software quality.

A dozen of default Quality Gates are proposed by JArchitect related to measures like technical debt amount, code coverage or amount of issues with particular severity.

Quality Gates can be used to fail the build when certain criteria are not-verified.

What makes JArchitect unique is that a Quality Gate is a C# LINQ Query that can be easily created, edited and customized. For example if you wish to enforce a certain amount of code coverage through a Quality Gate, you can just write:

// <QualityGate Name="Percentage Code Coverage" Unit="%" />
failif value < 70%
warnif value < 80%

Discover more about JArchitect support for Quality Gates here.