Release Notes

Major Milestones


Date 22th of November 2013

Major Features:

  • New Dashboard Panel: XClarify v3.0 proposes a new Dashboard that shows at a glance the state of your code base.
  • Trend Monitoring: XClarify v3.0 can monitor trend metrics and shows trend charts. Default trend metrics and trend charts are proposed and custom ones can be created.
  • Churning Rules and Queries: XClarify v3.0 lets list Rules and Queries according to common criterions. Listing all Rules Violated is now a one click operation.
  • Focusing on Recent Rules Violations: XClarify v3.0 proposes the option to filter only rules violations that occur on code elements added or refactored since a baseline.
  • Redesigned report. The report now includes trend metrics charts. The design has been rethought and more information is shown, especially concerning diff.

UI Enhancements

  • Main menus organization relifted both in
  • When showing a dependency graph too complex to be browsed, a note is shown that explain that it is recommended to export the graph to the dependency matrix, better suited to browse large structure.
  • In forms dedicated to choose assemblies set to analyze, the capability to filter assemblies by name has been added and ergonomy has been enhanced.
  • In Matrix/Graph/Metric view, the Context Sensitive Help is not located anymore in the way that it could overlap the element currently hovered.
  • Pan is now the default grab mode of the Graph.
  • New pan cursor in Graph, Treemap and Matrix.
  • On Right-click menus, the double click action menu is now bold.
  • When double-clicking a class to open its source file declarations, the class being declared in two source files, the second being a ".designer." file, XClarify jumps directly to the source declaration of the type without proposing to open one of the two declarations.
  • In Search panel, search code elements by change, when changing the kind of code element searched, the currently checked button remain checked if it is not disabled.
  • In the Rules explorer panel, when selecting a group that doesn't have direct rules/queries children, XClarify expands its children groups!
  • When double-clicking the critical rules violated warning in the Error List panel, the list of Critical Rules Violated is shown.
  • When open a project, without analyse result, shows in the error list the last analysis (if any) logs
  • In Search panel, query generated are now executed asynchronously which leads to improved UI responsivness when searching on large code base.
  • In Search panel, search code elements by change now generates more sophisticated code queries that provide more details.
  • In Search panel, search code elements by coupling now generates more sophisticated code queries that provide more details.


Date March 9, 2013

New Features:

  • CQLinq : New Query Language based on Linq.
  • Improved HTML report.


Date May 10, 2012

  • XClarify : Version 1 released.

With XClarify, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules.